3 Three Reasons SEO is incredibly Valuable To Your Company

  1. 3 Reasons You Need To Be Doing SEO For Your Company Right Now
    1. Why SEO is important
    2. Why you need to be doing SEO
    3. Who should be running your SEO
    4. How to set up a proper SEO strategy
    5. Conclusion

The fact that we even need to convince you at this point that SEO is essential for the brand is slightly ridiculous. However here are three reasons why you should have a dedicated SEO manager for your online business. With the world going digital, businesses that do not invest in a digital presence will eventually go under. Stop thinking that your brand is different or that you never needed to before, times have changed and great businesses innovate.

Search engine optimization is not only essential for your online presence it is becoming increasingly more important for voice optimization. If your business is not being found on the first page of Google or any search engine for that matter you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers.

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Why SEO is important

SEO is extremely important because it is the only way to build up brand equity. The more well-known your brand is, the more successful you will be. As it gets easier for people to find and buy from you, you will get a higher search engine ranking. This is because more people will be leaving Google results to go directly to your company’s website.

How much do you need to do SEO? To put it simply, you need to do a lot of SEO. Google has over a hundred billion search queries every single day. If you can improve your ranking on Google, you can have a great impact on how much money you make every year. The more web traffic you can create to your website, the higher your conversion rates will be. It’s important to note that the costs of SEO can be quite high at times.

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Why you need to be doing SEO

The first reason is simple. In 2017, Google introduced their inbound marketing tools which has resulted in an unprecedented decline in organic traffic. As more and more businesses invest in Google and do not keep up to date on SEO best practices, they will pay the price in traffic.

The second is that with all of the technology available, everything is about to change. The five most popular websites in the world, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit, all offer very different and unique engagement experiences. With this ever growing digital footprint businesses must ensure that their marketing messages are maximized and reach their audience with SEO.

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Who should be running your SEO

While this is by no means a catch all, it is probably best to hire someone with in-depth experience and training in SEO, marketing and online business. All too often I have worked with small business owners that do not know what they are doing. They’ve spent some time learning SEO basics but are still using the same old tactics of keyword stuffing and meaningless backlink bait which are old school methods and completely counterproductive.

All too often I have seen a business owner spend their own time coming up with the company name and logo before doing any research into SEO, so I would not recommend that approach. You are making more of an investment when you hire an SEO consultant, so take time to find one with a track record of success.

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How to set up a proper SEO strategy

To set up a proper SEO strategy there are five main key things to consider: 1. Audience The first thing you need to consider is who your customers are and what you offer to them. Every business has a customer base that is made up of multiple different types of people. Every customer is different and they all want something different from your brand.

Finding out what your customers want and engaging with them is key to creating a successful SEO strategy. 2. Keywords Keywords are the key to all search marketing. The stronger and more specific your keywords are the higher the chance that you will rank for a certain search phrase, therefore, ranking higher in search results.

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When you consider all of the benefits that SEO can bring to your business, you will not want to let it slip away. From ROI, to improving your conversion rates, SEO can be transformative. Before you roll your eyes and decide that SEO is too complex and too technical for you, please bear in mind that: SEO is a cost efficient solution to help you get more customers online A dedicated SEO manager can lead your team in the right direction.

This strategy can be used for every aspect of your business, even your core products Of course, SEO is not going to get rid of your bad habits, or be a silver bullet for you. However, it can help you make a better profit, improve your conversion rates and ultimately improve the customer experience for your customers.

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