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Last updated on August 17th, 2023 at 04:56 pm

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Rife Free WordPress Theme has managed to impress many with creative layouts, designs, and customizable features that transform websites by unimaginable scales. Once you get into the swing of things with this multi-purpose WordPress Theme, your creativity will reach boundless limits.

Among all WordPress free themes, Rife Free is by far the most advanced option. This article is a comparison between Rife Free and Shapely WordPress Themes another popular Free WordPress theme used by many WordPress Developers.

Rife Free WP Theme

Rife Free WordPress theme was created by a talented designer and brilliant developer by the names of Daniel and Air. of Apollo13Themes. They are the brains behind the theme, designs, and features. Excelling in clean website designs Daniels philosophy is to let the content breath, his hard work and dedication to Rife Pro and Rife Free is complimented by Air. who loves optimization and making things run as smoothly as possible.

Photographers, designers and creative can all benefit from the unique features and designs that come with Rife Free WP theme. You can also use the visually appealing effects to breathe new life into your single paged blog post. You are probably thinking you can’t get all that with any other Free WordPress theme, and your right!

Rife Free is a cut above the rest, opening new doors of possibilities when it comes to website design and layout. Rife Free WP theme comes with countless design options. The freemium WordPress Theme has ready designs, which means that you can build a site without ever having to spend a dime.

Is there a caveat? Understandably, you would expect that all good things come with a catch. Not for Rife Free Theme. The only thing worth mentioning here perhaps is that you can get many more conveniences when you switch to the premium version. Nevertheless, Free Rife still blows all competition out of the water!

Shapely – One Page WordPress Theme

Shapely was developed by the popular theme directory called Colorlib. Colorlib offers free and premium themes, their themes have been downloaded over   2.5 million times making them a popular choice. Now with that said I felt it appropriate to compare to one of their very popular one page WordPress themes Shapely.

colorlib shapely wordpress theme
Best Free WordPress Theme Rife Free WP Theme 2

Colorlib has just recently begun building plugins such as Custom Login Page Customizer, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, and Colorlib 404 Customizer. So you can say they are pretty established group of developers, you always have to give credit where its due.  Now with that said you will notice below as I compare features to one of their most popular Free Themes, Rife Free is a rising star and definitely a theme you should consider for your next project.

Rife Free Vs Shapely

The more features a free WordPress theme has the better, Rife Free comes equipped with a plethora of free features, unlike many other free WordPress themes. I’ll cover some of the standard features you can expect when you download Rife Free versus other themes in this blog in particular versus Shapely Free Theme by Colorlib.

RTL Feature

Rife Free theme comes with numerous features that you can tweak depending on your needs. For starters, you have a full RTL (Right to Left) support. This feature makes it possible to design with all right to left languages without the need for code changes. The RTL support feature lacks in Shapely.

One page feature

Next on the Rife Free menu is the one-page mode. Users get an opportunity to develop a single page website with an excellent layout. You can divide the page into separate contents using unique IDs and include a menu on the one-page website.

The one-page feature is also available in Shapely. Shapely is primarily designed to be one page WordPress theme with a focus for business. The widgets available can enable you to add different sections and menu to a website page but you will not have the creative single page designs afforded by Rife Free.

Mega menu feature

Another feature that you will find very useful with Rife Free theme is mega menu support. You will get a chance to flaunt a new menu theme that is way better than the classic menu. With the mega menu, you will be able to show several sub-links at the same time without interfering with your website

When it comes to Shapely, designers and creatives only have access to one type of menu- the drop-down menu. This is a single menu system that many can find limiting especially when dealing with a multi-service/product company page. This could, however, be resolved by using a popular mega menu plugin such as Max Mega Menu or WP Mega Menu.


Rife Free Theme comes standard with WordPress page builder Elementor, Rife Free, however, is also compatible with WPBakery or any other Drag & Drop Page builders. At the same time, if your primary objective is e-commerce, Rife is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can also make your site multilingual with the WPML plugin.

Apollo13Themes really outdid themselves by adding plugin equipped with additional features to enhance your Rife Free WordPress theme, you can learn more about them here.

Shapely is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, Elementor, and WpBakery. However, it does not have additional shortcode widgets or specific them enhancement out of the gate. Shapely does provide access to other popular Colorlib plugins such as,

Writing effect

Rife Free theme also comes with a unique writing effect that makes your text appear like it is being written live on the site. It is particularly useful for introductions to keep visitors looped. The writing feature makes your site look more interactive. The title’s section on Shapely WP theme lacks the writing effect.

Pre-loader feature

You can use the page pre-loader function to mask your website when content is loading on the background. There is also a hidden sidebar feature that allows for adding of menus, about us pages and any other useful links for users. To achieve the same effect with Shapely one might have to change the site code. Shapley is more about homepage widgets for adding parallax sections, portfolios and testimonials.

Pre-defined demos

New users are welcomed to Rife Free theme with a series of up to ten demos. The predefined demos can help you get started from scratch to transform your WP site with Rife. When it comes to Shapely, there is a setup page that does the introduction instead, walking users step by step through the setup process and procedure of installing plugins.

Designs and widgets

Rife Free comes ready with numerous cool designs that you can modify with the WordPress Customizer. Apollo 13 also provided additional free Elemantor templates, you learn more about them here. These designs are easy to use as they are or you can customize them to your style. The live preview feature will enable you to view your changes before you save them. Some of the designs to try include:

  • Unicorn: This is a ready design that allows you to create spectacular homages, portfolio, about us pages, blogs and contacts us pages.
  • Star design: This is the latest Rife Fee design with a video on the background.
  • Raven: Raven is a standard one-page navigation layout page. The beautiful layout is ideal for business landing pages.
  • Frame: For photographers and artistic designers, the Frame design comes ready with a slider and galleries that will showcase your amazing images to the world.

In the place of designs, Shapely comes with widgets for customizing the home page. For instance, with the Parallax widget, you can include a parallax section at any place within your homepage. With the Features widget, you can add up to 3 services that your business provides.

The features are displayed in a 3-column layout at any place you choose on your homepage. You can also give a call-to-action with a statement anywhere on the website. The statement stretches across the screen with a grey background.

Utilizing Rife Free

Personally, I have found Rife Free to one of the most well rounded and versatile WordPress Themes I have ever used. I am forever grateful for the developers at Apollo13Themes for developing such an amazing WordPress theme and providing a free version. Rife Pro comes with an extensive set of perks that I plan on upgrading to myself depending on the projects.

In the meantime my agency Smg. assist non-profits around the globe by enhancing their websites. We provide free website development to organizations in need, this well-rounded WordPress theme fits perfectly and allows us to provide premium features to a non-profit organization in need with having to pass on any cost them. Smg. donates our time to non-profits to make our own positive impact on the world.


Rife Free Theme is perhaps the best WordPress theme you can get for transforming your site to suit your business and style. This comparison with Shapely is a clear indicator that the two Free WordPress themes are in separate leagues. Rife Free is a no brainer for any organization if you need a WordPress theme with even more features and support purchase Rife Pro.


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