Top Three Social Media Management Software Applications

Top Three Social Management Software for Small Businesses

It is becoming increasingly vital for businesses to maintain a strong online presence. There is no better way for businesses and brands to achieve this than by being active on social media. For small businesses, finding the time or the funds to hire full-time social media managers might not be a feasible option, which is why it is necessary to consider using social management software.

Aside from bringing automation to what is the most crucial way to meet customer engagement demands, social management software offers tools to help businesses come up with captivating content, monitor ads (both yours and your competitors’), and create a constant stream of content to help your business establish a respectable online presence.
With that in mind, we have sifted through several options and selected three of the best social management software for small businesses.

1. Buffer

The buffer is one of the more popular social media tools you’ll find out there. It allows you to quickly post content simultaneously on multiple sites—Facebook, Twitter, Integra, Google Plus, and LinkedIn—with a single click. What’s more, you can schedule posts ahead of time, a feature that small businesses find convenient because it allows them to allocate enough time for content creation.

With Buffer, you can schedule content to be posted periodically throughout the day. This �staggering’ of posts ensures your social media pages are constantly updated even when you’re occupied with the day-to-day running of your business.

Buffer also comes with the Pablo Image Creator, a tool that allows you to create custom graphics as well as to review engagement analytics in order to evaluate the reach of your posts. It is a well-rounded social media tool that’s easy to use and packed with features that allow small businesses to maintain an online presence without having to incur the cost of hiring a dedicated social media manager.

Buffer has three pricing tiers, starting with the free trial mode and two paid options of $10 and $99 a month (registered non-profit organizations get a half-price discount indefinitely!) If you’re unwilling to commit just yet, try their free trial version first to see just how useful a fully fledged social media software can be.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is for businesses that are having trouble coming up with relevant content for their social media feed. This social media tool serves as a handy content generator that suggests topics for new content. Using the filters within the tool, you can choose whether you want inspiration for a new article, an infographic, a guest post, interviews and testimonials, videos, or even giveaway posts. This data can be exported to be used later or, alternatively, you can schedule alerts to receive periodic inspiration for new content.

If you would like to emulate a company’s style of posting, you can search for them or even follow them straight from within BuzzSumo. Listing a business as an influencer allows you to monitor their content as well as the topics they focus on to meet engagement demands. You will also be able to see the domains from which they post their content.

BuzzSumo lets you tailor your content to be exactly what you need it to be, giving your business the ability to have an online presence similar to those of your influencers and competitors. All influencer and competitor data can be accessed within the tool.

BuzzSumo is surprisingly cost-effective given how useful a social media software it is for small businesses. Pricing starts at $79 a month for the enterprise plan, and $139, $239, and $499 for custom plans.

3. MeetEdgar

Even the most experienced social media managers are bound to run out of ideas every so often. That’s never the case with MeetEdgar, a social media software with a fun twist to it. MeetEdgar allows you to tailor your list of favorite topics by picking from a wide range of subjects that include humor, engaging questions, and even recipes. MeetEdgar never posts content unless it meets its high engagement standards, and this means that your social media pages will be constantly updated with top-notch content that is guaranteed to get people talking.

Apart from being well-versed in creating humorous content, MeetEdgar is also made unique by one particular feature—once you pick all the topics of interest and set a schedule, MeetEdgar ensures that the content keeps flowing without needing you to update your favorite topics. It picks out new topics that are relevant to your business so that you don’t have to keep going back to the drawing board.

Perhaps the most useful feature offered by MeetEdgar, especially for small businesses that lack the personnel to perform continuous updates, is its ability to know when to start re-sharing old posts. Social media is a fast-paced world, and the content you post periodically may not always reach as many people as you wish. MeetEdgar tackles this problem by re-posting old content once all the content from your favorite topics has been published. This not only ensures that your social media pages are constantly updated, but it also gives older content a chance to increase your business’s or brand’s reach as well as consumer engagement.

For such a useful social media tool, MeetEdgar is shockingly affordable at $49 a month. If you wish to take it for a spin before committing to the monthly plan, MeetEdgar offers a free two-week trial.
All your competitors are already on social media maximizing customer engagement, so why shouldn’t you? Small businesses stand to benefit the most from innovative web solutions that give you insight into more than just the number of hits each of your posts gets. SGM seeks to give your business the power to outperform your competitors on the social landscape in every aspect, be it improving customer experience, performing brand research to learn how customers respond to your brand, or increasing employee engagement to maximize sales performance.

You can learn more about us through our website where you will also get access to a comprehensive list of the best social media software that you can use to inject life into your business’ social media pages. Remember, the integration of business with social media levels the playing field considerably—what matters the most is who you have on your team.


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